Monday 29 June 2020

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 2 Update #1

Hey everyone, I hope that you're well! :D
It's freakin' JUNE already?!

On Sunday 5th July, the first 5 pages of
FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 2: Sardonic Violation
will be uploaded to the Official Website!! \m/

From then on, a NEW PAGE will be uploaded
every Sunday! ^_^

(If you're a Patron on my PATREON, you can read the pages NOW
two weeks early and bag other goodies for as little as £1/$1.25!)

Sunday 24 May 2020

"Tales of Malice" - Chapter 1! (My very first story-driven comic from 2015)

Hails, all! <3

Thank you so much again to EVERYONE who has been hanging out
and chatting in the Weekend Comic Page Live Streams! 
I genuinely look forward to them all week :)

The topic of remembering and appreciating how far we've come
with our projects sprung up last night, and I mentioned my first EVER
traditionally-drawn attempt at a story; "Tales of Malice"!

(I also pitched it to ONI PRESS a few years back during one of their
"Open Call" Submissions, and (obviously) never heard back...XD)

Looking back on these pages now makes me realise how far 
my style has progressed. As creative-types, we're ALWAYS
looking ahead and striving to improve...but it's so important
to take a moment to reflect on where we've come from! <3

 I'll definitely be returning to this concept one day,
but well after I've explored FROSTBITTEN KITTENS and Blurgh's story.

So enough of my gassing; here's my first comic book attempt!



 I did also start drawing up Chapter 2, but never completed it.

Here's some bonus drawings of these 'lil goobers!

Thursday 21 May 2020

Corona-Life 2020: Comic/Art Progress, Live Streams, Commissions Available!

Blurgh 2020 vs Blurgh 2014!

Hey everyone! \m/
I hope that you're all staying strong and positive in these strange times. <3 

I miss tattooing and pre-Covid life like crazy! ;-; 
But...I'm buckling down with what I can control, making the best of things 
by pushing my art style and comic progress (See above) ^_^
I love making things like this now and then to gauge growth and change over time!

Chapter 2 of FROSTBITTEN KITTENS has been chuggin' along nicely!
I've currently pencilled up to Page 13 and inked up to Page 9 (out of 50...)
I'm still aiming to stay on course for uploading a page a week starting in July.

I've also been live-streaming the inking sessions for the comic on weekend nights
(Fri+Sat) from the "Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat" FACEBOOK PAGE
so massive thanks to everyone who has participated and hung out for those!
It really makes me look forward to these sessions and curbs the loneliness <3 :)

Lastly...being a Self-Employed Tattoo Artist,
I've been financially BUMMED by this virus XD

So since lockdown, I've been drawing up extremely reasonable
caricatures that are available for commission!
You can check those out at my Instagram page HERE.

I'm also now available to commission for "Blurgh!" styled portraits of
you or your characters; please see the price guide below if you are interested :)
(More examples to follow!)

I'm really looking forward to the future, so let's all do our best!!

~Rach ^_^ <3 \m/

Thursday 2 April 2020

"Updates Of The Great Apocalypse" - Corona Borgir

Sooooo yeahhhh...strange times 😱👀
My day job has ceased until it is deemed safe to resume,
as apparently tattoos are "non-essential"...pshhhh 😒
(HA naw just kidding)

I'm going to make the best of a bad situation
and keep my ass home! 👍

I'm hoping to slow the decline of my sanity
by buckling down on FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 2.
(Wheeeeeeey 🎉)

I've made a start on pencilling the pages already this week! ✎
My (very) rough deadlines are:
  • Pencils completed by the end of this month
  • Inking to be completed by the end of May
  • Digital edits (speech bubs, script and all that good shit) to be completed end of June.
I've also had a revamp of the main website The Black Metal Cat,
but have uploaded the comic content right here on the blog too as a back-up
just in case I ever have problems with the main site again 😩

(I know you guys get violent if you have no stinky metal cat comic) 🗡

Welp that's about it!!
Thank you as always for reading and stay safe