Sunday 2 February 2020

Printed Comics of Chapter One! (And the next step...)

Physical comics of 
"FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 1" are available HERE!
(£4.99 until the end of February)

To finally hold these bad boys in my hands is an incredible feeling.
I've always wanted to draw and print my own comic,
there's a real rush from having it exist in physical form!

I'm currently writing the script and thumb-nailing the comic pages
for Chapter 2; "Sardonic Violation".

My aim for the second chapter is to experiment further
with panel layouts, work on perspective and a wider variety of angles, 
push for more turgid expressions, dynamic poses and an 
overall quicker pace to the story being told. 
(Also, neater font!)

I'm also hoping to hit (at least) 50 pages with this chapter.
I'll definitely be using Comic Printing UK again,
who have been so supportive and professional throughout
the whole process.

It may be too early to be setting goals, but I'd like to start
sharing a page a week of Chapter 2 by Summer 2020
via the comic archive on the Official Website.
(Let's hope that this one doesn't take me 3/4 years!)

I'd like to iterate again just how much it means to me that
people are reading the comic, whether it's through the
website or through the printed copies.

to everyone who has supported me so far.