Tuesday 27 November 2018

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS: Chapter 1 - Blackened Beginnings

A year and a half since my last update...
(I can explain!)

"FROSTBITTEN KITTENS: Chapter 1 - Blackened Beginnings"
is FINALLY available to read!!

A new page is uploaded every SUNDAY \m/
(The most Satanic of all days...plus I get the afternoon to myself.)

You can start from the first page
~ HERE ~

A year ago in October I started my Tattoo Apprenticeship
at URBAN INK (which I absolutely love!)
and have been working 6/7 day weeks ever since...
Totaling over 70/80 hours most weeks, including travel!

As you can imagine, this hasn't left me with a lot
of time for my band, comic or much of anything, really...
I just about get to eat and urinate! Imagine!

But luckily as the comic was pretty much 90% complete, 
I can finally start editing/uploading pages in the evening,
ready for its release on SUNDAY! HOORAY!

It feels good to finally start putting out this 
project so close to my heart to all 3 of you who read it <3

I've already started revisiting my plans for Chapter 2
and brainstorming ideas; you'll see it in five years time! \m/

Thank you for the support. <3

~Rach \m/