Thursday 8 June 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update #4

Sunny Hayfevery Hails!! \m/

*snots everywhere* Fangs for comib back...uuuuuuuuurgh

As of today, I'm on Page 46/50...!!
I'm so close now that I can't stand it!! :D

I NEED to get this story out of my system and (hopefully) share it
with you gorgeous, frostbitten bastards!!

I still have to go back and (CAREFULLY) add the text, some backgrounds
and of course...*GASP* THE COVER...(which will be full colour!)

...I can't wait to knuckle down on Chapter 2 already; I know that
I wanna make it even crazier in terms of story, panel layout and art style!!
(If anyone read my 6-page Blurgh! Comic in SATANIC MOJO, you know what I mean!)

Don't feel like that's a negative on THIS chapter, though!
I'm incredibly excited to get it finished and OUT THERE!!

As always, thank you SO much for checking back and supporting
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat and FROSTBITTEN KITTENS!! <3 \m/

*  *  *