Sunday 29 January 2017

\m/ Blurgh's Third Birthday!! \m/

Last Thursday has been three whole years since I first drew Blurgh!!

Here's what Blurgh had to say below...

TODAY is my 3rd birthday!!! 
* ~ \m/ =^ಠ_ಠ^= \m/ ~ *
That's right!!
THREE WHOLE YEARS since the doodle-loser first 
scribbled that monstrosity (that was supposed to represent ME...)
What a poser! Yeuck!! =^ಢxಢ^=

Still...I wouldn't be here without her, or ALL OF YOU,
who read my comics, buy merch and share your
brutality and frostbitten permafrostage with me on a regular basis! <3 =^ಠ_ಠ^=

Infernal Hails to each and every one of you...thank you.
Stay frosty!!
<3 =^u_u^= <3

* * *