Monday 8 May 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update #3

Springtime Hails, you little buttnugs! <3

Today, I'm currently working on page 32/50 of Chapter 1 of the
FROSTBITTEN KITTENS graphic novel! (Hooraaaaay! \m/)

My last update a month ago I had reached page 26...meaning I've been
a lot slower this month! T_T

(I've had a lot more work, commissions and band practices for 
Deep Throat Trauma this month, to be fair!)

I'm still super excited to finally get this thing DONE, to
share this world and story with others and to hold
a physical, printed copy of the final comic in my hands...

It feels so close, yet so far!! ;_;

I also want to say a massive THANKS to everyone who supports
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat; be it buying merch, spreading the word
or just enjoying the ferocity of TRVE FELINE BLACK METAL with us! <3 \m/
Here's some progress photos from the last month:

*  *  *