Monday 29 June 2020

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 2 Update #1

Hey everyone, I hope that you're well! :D
It's freakin' JUNE already?!

On Sunday 5th July, the first 5 pages of
FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 2: Sardonic Violation
will be uploaded to the Official Website!! \m/

From then on, a NEW PAGE will be uploaded
every Sunday! ^_^

(If you're a Patron on my PATREON, you can read the pages NOW
two weeks early and bag other goodies for as little as £1/$1.25!)

(Roary does a swear. :o)

So where are we at?!

If you've been following my Comic Inking LiveStream Videos
on the Blurgh! The Cat Facebook Page, you'll know that
the first 19 pages are fully inked!! <3

Today, I'm pencilling up Pages 20 + 21.

The first 9 pages are completely done, with digital finishes
(speech, texture and shading etc).

(Last night's ink splatting for Page 19!)

I'm so super excited to share this with you all!!

After Chapter 1 took a couple of years to complete due to
my Tattoo Apprenticeship, I'm thrilled that I can
knuckle down to get this Chapter finished. <3

(I already have big plans for Chapter 3; the finale of this story arc!)

Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat - Plush Toys!!!


So another dream of mine came true this week in the form
of an incredibly talented woman; Kitti Nira Creations!

After seeing an amazing Cthulhu plush that she had made,
I commissioned Kitti to create a Blurgh! plush just for me;
but I loved him so much that we arranged to create more to sell! <3

As of right now, there are only 4 available
and 3 of them have sold already!! :O

Update: ALL 4 HAVE SOLD!!! <3

I made a video documenting the amount
of love and detail that Kitti puts into her
creations right HERE on my YouTube Channel <3


I've been to the Post Office this afternoon posting merch!!
Thank you SO so much to everyone who has supported me
through encouragement, reading the comics,
sharing with your friends, buying merch and pledging on
Patreon this week!!

Every little helps, especially as Tattoo Studios in the UK
haven't been given a date that they will be allowed to open...

To everyone who has bought a Blurgh! Plush; THANK YOU!! <3
I will be keeping you updated on their status, but please be
aware that they may take a little longer to reach you than the
other merch due to their size and weight :)

I'll catch you all soon and keep you all updated
on the comic progress!

As always...

^_~* \m/

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