Sunday 24 May 2020

"Tales of Malice" - Chapter 1! (My very first story-driven comic from 2015)

Hails, all! <3

Thank you so much again to EVERYONE who has been hanging out
and chatting in the Weekend Comic Page Live Streams! 
I genuinely look forward to them all week :)

The topic of remembering and appreciating how far we've come
with our projects sprung up last night, and I mentioned my first EVER
traditionally-drawn attempt at a story; "Tales of Malice"!

(I also pitched it to ONI PRESS a few years back during one of their
"Open Call" Submissions, and (obviously) never heard back...XD)

Looking back on these pages now makes me realise how far 
my style has progressed. As creative-types, we're ALWAYS
looking ahead and striving to improve...but it's so important
to take a moment to reflect on where we've come from! <3

 I'll definitely be returning to this concept one day,
but well after I've explored FROSTBITTEN KITTENS and Blurgh's story.

So enough of my gassing; here's my first comic book attempt!



 I did also start drawing up Chapter 2, but never completed it.

Here's some bonus drawings of these 'lil goobers!

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