Wednesday 8 March 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update

I've spent the last month working on the latest
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat release;


Ever since I created Blurgh as a character three years ago,
I started to build a world around him and his band.
The Frostbitten Kittens graphic novel will be that story!

Frostbitten Kittens will be my second ever story-based work
after I drew up the first issue of Tales of Malice a couple years ago.

Right now, I'm up to page 14 of 50 (1st chapter).
My current aim is to complete two pages a week minimum.
I'm hoping to have the first chapter completed before July.

That's all I'll say for now, but here's some sneaky 
progress photos of the journey so far...

(As always, thank you for your support!! Stay Frosty!! \m/


*  *  *

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