Tuesday 19 January 2016

\m/ Happy 2nd Blurghday!! \m/

\m/ It's Blurgh The Cat's 2nd Birthday!! \m/

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the Blurgh project;
whether you've bought merch, shared/read the comics or just spread the word
of Trve Frostbitten Feline Black Metal!!!

This year has been great for Blurgh; although the 3-panel strips stopped this year,
Blurgh pages have appeared in Northern Darkness Zine and Blutrache Magazine!
He also joined the ranks of Gothic Comics.

In addition to these, I've also been working on many Blurgh projects
yet to come to completion...the Frostbitten Kittens graphic novel and
as shown above, a taste of animation/cartoon...(and there's more!!)

I'm super excited to buckle down and get to a stage where I can show you guys more.
There's some super brutal Blurgh merch coming out at the end of this month...!

Thanks for bearing with me and enjoying the comics!

Stay frosty,

Rachael (Mortiroth) \m/

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